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Hello friends, My name is Shakibul Islam Munna. I studied in Honors. I have been freelancing for almost three years.The only things I know well about digital marketing are Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Google Marketing, Being Marketing, Pinterest Marketing,Youtube Marketing, Affiliate, CPA, Fiverr , Upwork, and Freelancing

Expart Digital Marketer

I’m an expert digital marketer and this website CEO .I know all the things about digital marketing. I’ve been doing freelancing for three years from today.And I’ve been doing digital marketing as well. If you want to know about anything related to IT related or technology related you can find out from my website.I understand them very easily.

And if you ever face a problem, you can contact me directly with the message. I’ve added my Facebook Messenger to this website. If you have any questions you can ask me directly on my Facebook Messenger.

I’ll explain to you all in a beautiful way. I hope you understand my words very well. I’ll help you with everything and try to give you something good. You stay with Dreamitech CEO .

CEO Events in life :

I am a Bangladeshi citizen.

I started getting into IT marketing digital marketing and then I learned a admitted to another IT center by a brother again.

After learning from Monir Ahmed sir, I create a website in the IT center a to z of digital marketing. I have given my all about digital marketing within the website and since then my digital marketing start.

From now on I can teach digital marketing to others on the website. In fact, one thing is true that if one is pursuing something, then surely one day or another, that thing succeeds in the mercy of Allah. And there will be more in the future. For those of you who want to learn digital marketing, you can easily learn from my website.

I will provide

The first thing I tell you to work on is the fiverr is another upwork. You can work in these marketplaces. I do and you will too. So how do you do, you will see the tips of the digital marketing course I have given on my website.

Since then I’ve given a lot of my upwork and fiber rules to the web site. You will open an account and then work. Some of these valuable rules are that when you go inside a website and look at my tips, you will see a good thing. First you have to open an Expert level account.

In that account you will sort it like when you go to a market, but of course there are shops in the market that look beautiful or look like things you sell at that store. But the main topic here is when you open a fiber or upwork account it will become a store for you.

The way you set up that store, but your customer will come. But if you are nicely decorating your fiber account store that you think is beautiful and then you do the marketing, then you will definitely get better marketers or traffic.

Because if you have a nice decoration, then of course, looking at your marketplace account will knock you to work. So with these things in mind, you open an account with fiber upwork. And then do digital marketing. There are many digital marketing tips in my website for doing digital marketing. From there you can learn a lot.