Watch Build- I Want To Build a Working Your Own Watch
How To Make Build Your Own Watch

How To Make Build Your Own Watch

Watch is That noncurrent plan of getting a measuring instrument on your radiocarpal joint.The watch is a very useful friend of ours. By which time we can see what time is going on in the night.If we are in a closed room for a long time, then when we look at the clock, we can see that what is going on now indicates that many things benefit us. The Benefits of Clocks With clock, we can see time and act in time. That’s why the clock benefits us a lot, like when we do something in one place, we always see the time on the clock and then do that.


So everything has a time, so watch for it is a very important friend of ours. Clocks are very much needed in our daily life. I know, I know, we’ve good phones with terribly correct clocks on them. Computers have the time right there within the corner. It’s pretty easy to find out what time it is.
Yet. I like watches. I have over the past few years nonheritable many. Quartz and automatic movements.


I have a couple of Timex, a Swiss Army, an Orient, a couple of Seiko’s and a slew of real cheap Chinese fashion watches from (I’m talking like 3 to 4 dollars cheap.)The problem I actually have with the important low-cost watches is that they use a teeny-tiny battery that appears to solely last six months at the best. Where my Timex and Swiss Army quartz watches last for a few years.

SO, anyway.

When I got a people Army watch, it was junk. Even a new battery wouldn’t bring it back to life. (more on that later) I brought it to my local jeweler and he put a battery in, let it sit for a few days, hoping it magically would come back to life, but alas, no did some analysis, (very important) and located that a people Army movement was out there.


I bought it from, found out a way to take away it from the watch, and transfer the dial and hands. Eventually. I bust the primary second user, and had to order another. At that time I modified the colour of the second user sweep from white to red. I was hooked. I can do this! Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownload

Get Watch Build Tools…

Picture of Get Tools…
Pictures of Get Tools…
Picture of Get Tools…
Picture of Get Tools….You can not fix a watch along with your average hand tools. Ok, maybe you can, but the right tool And tutotial for the job make it a LOT easier!
Back to and I ordered some items.
Magnifying headband with a light. Because that second hand, IS WICKED SMALL! and the little shaft it has to slide onto, IS EVEN SMALLER!!
G-S Hypo cement and a set of pusher things to put the hands back on.
Since then I’ve bought alittle holder for a movement, some improvement clay, and a better set of tweezers.

I discovered that the Harley Ronda movement within the Swiss Army contains a very little additional piece of skinny plastic that was imagined to sit between very cheap of the battery, and the movement itself. It’s an insulator so that the battery doesn’t short against the movement. Wouldn’t you recognize, it had been missing on the previous movement. The jeweler missed it as well. Lesson learned.Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownload

Build Watch Step : An Idea Popped Into My Head…

Picture of An Idea Popped Into My Head…
Picture of An Idea Popped Into My Head…
So, if I will replace a movement and a group of hands… then I ought to be ready to build my very own WATCH!
All I need are the parts.
Esslinger had some things, however I did not notice a full kit. I found some places on-line that might enable you to create it on their web site, however that wasn’t very what I wished to try to to. I wanted to make it.

So let’s get started.

As you will or might not recognize, there square measure a great deal of watch components out there to emulate a Rolex. They’re not constant quality of a Rolex by any stretch of the imagination, but they know how to mimic the style. And once checking out watch cases, they keep stoning up.
n of a Rolex Submariner) from No wherever on the case will it say Rolex. There’s no engraving, no fake serial numbers. It’s just a case. Remember, I want to build a working watch, not a fakey Rolex thingy.

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I detected a rumor that ETA stopped mercantilism their movements to the general public, however raise around, you will find one simple enough.Ok, case. Check. Movement, gotcha.
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Step 4: Oh the Tangled Webs We Weave…
Pictures of Oh the Tangled Webs We Weave…
Picture of Oh the Tangled Webs We Weave…
Picture of Oh the Tangled Webs We Weave…2 More Images
The dial.

I have Associate in Nursing ETA movement,

I could of put a black or white dial on it, but I wanted a green dial! to go with the green ring.I swear, the sole dial I might notice that I likeable, was one that said Rolex. Sheesh. But it’s beautiful! These dials associate with dial feet that match up with some totally different movements. The ETA 2824 being one of them.


Watch Research

Now, I’ve ne’er done this before, so I did some research, ordered up some ‘dial dots’ to get the dial to stick to the movement and go from there. One of the cool things regarding the ETA movement is that it’s very little locks to lock within the dial feet. So the dial feet-sticky things square measure reasonably a belt and vesture approach. I don’t want it to rattle.
My movement additionally came with a spacer ring, to make sure the dial doesn’t rub against the date wheel. Real quick, I had to get rid of 2 feet, that were meant for an additional movement,

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