Making a Beautiful Light Bulb And Completing Light Bulb Tips
How To Make Original Light Bulb

How To Make Original Light Bulb

Make a light-bulb

Are a device that is a great friend of our danger. We are getting many opportunities through this. It gives us light, and we benefit greatly from this light bulb when we are in danger in the dark. Ever since its invention, people have been and still are benefiting. Light bulbs are a useful deviceLight Bulb -To do so, curl every finish of the wire into a bit spherical hook.If you are making the hooks yourself, make them big enough to fit over the end of the battery.


Attach your batteries together in series. This simply means you tape them together, end to end, so that they all work together to provide power. Make sure you line them up positive end to negative end. Then use electrical tape to secure all the batteries together into a long rod.Wrap the tape tightly enough around the batteries so that they hold together. You may need to overlap the tape a few times.You must arrange the batteries so that there is a positive node on one end, and negative on the other.

End of the batteries

Clamp a copper wire to one end of the batteries. Usually, you’ll have a wire with red clips and one with black. Hook one end of the red clips up to the positive end of the batteries, but leave the other clip off for now. You could get burned if you’re not careful.You can reverse the red and black if you want– you just need different wires on each end.Remember you only want to hook up one wire right now.Stand up the 2 remaining clips, then clamp the graphite between them. Think of making an H-shape, where the two clips are the sides and the graphite is the horizontal line in the middle.[2]The longer the C, the longer your bulb will last.

Put The Glass Jar Light

The size of the jar does not matter, but the jar should be clean.
If the jar has a label, it would be a good idea to remove it; this will make it easier to see the light.

Attach the final wire to the other end of the batteries to turn the light on. You are making a simple circuit, connecting the batteries in an electrical loop. The light comes from the graphite — as electricity flows through it, it heats up and emits energy in the form of light and heat. Thus, your light bulb!

Light Bulb Troubleshoot To Get a Stronger

If the light is weak, or isn’t working, there are some things you can do to make sure you get a working light.Check the graphite thickness. While larger thicknesses work, 0.5 mm seems to work best.
Add a few more batteries. Also, make sure that the ones you have are touching end to end.
Make sure the wires are snug and well-connected to the batteries.

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